Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Fall" in Love

   Fall is a wonderful time of the year to get married!  The summer heat has passed, a fresh season with new smells and colors is emerging with new fall trends.  Every year this season brings the beautiful colors nature provides as inspiration for your dream wedding – the trees, weather, and emotions of thankfulness combine together to create a spectacular backdrop for a gorgeous autumn wedding.

   Fall offers such a wonderful color palette so utilize the colors of the season to inspire and infuse your wedding with the wonderment of this glorious changing season.  This is the season that mother nature gives us a wonderful abundance of rich tones.  Consider reds, oranges, browns, rusts, and yellows in planning for your fall wedding.  Jewel tones also make a rich, interesting twist to the traditional autumn color scheme.  Take any of these colors and mix gold, copper or bronze to make your fall wedding really shine.

   Take advantage of what flowers are in season, it might also save you a few dollars using seasonal flowers.  Here’s a list of flowers available in the fall: Asters, Chrysanthemums, Zinnias, Gerber daisies, Marigolds, Roses, Sunflowers, add a few leafs and branches to give your floral pieces an autumnal look.  You might even want to consider incorporating pumpkins, cinnamon, berries, and other autumnal gourds into your wedding decor to strike the mood of your guests.  These are easy centerpieces, place card holders or maybe a table number display....so much potential!

    Instead of a massive wedding cake take into consideration a dessert bar full of mini pies offering an assortment of apple pies, pecan pies, pumpkin pies, cherry pies or even a southern cobbler.  You can also have caramel apples, and autumnal shaped cookies for your guests to enjoy. All of the tastes reminiscent of the season....the trend of a variety of wedding dessert ideas is endless and it will leave your guests with a lasting taste & memory of your unique wedding.

    When planning a fall wedding just keep in mind all the unique things this season has to offer. Autumn provides you with beautiful & unique color palette, unique decor elements, dessert ideas, and the wonderful feeling you associate with the beautiful season of Autumn.  Fall in love with the wedding of your dreams....

Share some of your fall wedding inspirations with us.

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