Monday, February 6, 2012

Custom Invitations

As we embark on the start of another bridal season I thought it would be appropriate to discuss some of the newest trends we have been seeing.  Of course custom invitations seem to still be on the rise and we are well equipped with a fantastic graphic artist to help you take your vision to paper.  The brides of 2012 have been less traditional than last year and they are incorporating colors and wording to express themselves.  We have created some beautiful hand drawn maps and custom liners mapping out the location of the wedding.  It has been very fun so far!  Letterpress is still huge and Carlson Craft has jumped on the bandwagon introducing their own letterpress isn't very large but it is affordable enough for almost any budget.  Crane introduced a new book called Occasions and it is fun and flirty for the new, modern bride...or really any occasion (hence the name) and some really fantastic Rehearsal Dinner ideas.  Save the Dates are becoming ever more increasingly innovative and we recently did a boarding pass that was quite stunning for a destination wedding. 

We have some great new jewelry lines that will allow you to customize gifts for your bridesmaids...guaranteed to be a HIT!  We want to welcome Charleston Tuxedo to the wedding vendors of South Windermere and they are going to be AWESOME.  Megan is so great and she will come to Open House to meet brides and even measured a groom here on Saturday.  Another fancy touch they are offering is the custom necktie complete with monogram for your groomsmen and they go great with the khaki or linen suit look for our Spring Weddings.  Another great gift the groomsmen this season are the personalized cuff links....they truly are perfect for your formal weddings! 

I hope that this little blog will help kick off the 2012 Wedding Season and we are looking forward to all the new things to come and will keep you in the loop of what's hot!!! 

Here are some pics of some of the above mentions:

Thanks so much for reading and if there is anything you want to read about comment and let us know!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Decking the Halls....

'Tis the Season to be JOLLY!!!  There is a spirit in the air that surrounds everyone and everything this time of year.  You hear carols and bells everywhere you go.  Children seem to be especially well behaved in hopes that an elf,or Santa himself will catch a glimpse of this extraordinary behavior and perhaps move them to the nice list.  People are buzzing and happy and generally in a "jolly" good mood.  It is the time of year to send cards and throw parties and visit with friends and family you don't see that often.  It is the time of year that you celebrate family traditions that have been around before even you were!  It is a wonderful time of year...

There are many ways of marking the start of YOUR Holidays In my family we kick start the Season with the Annual Holiday Parade and Party. It is particularly a favorite of mine.  It puts right in the spirit of the Season with the bands and the singing and the merriment all around.  Kids of all ages celebrating the joy of Christmas.

Putting up the tree and hanging the wreath...pulling out the ornaments that little Joseph made when he was 10 and finding the perfect branch to display this masterpiece.  Drinking hot chocolate and telling stories...getting frustrated when the lights don't work after ten bulbs have been replaced and eventually heading out in search of one more strand of white bulbs to make it perfect.  Standing back in awe and wonder at the beauty of YOUR tree and all the love that went into it this year.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Making your list and checking it twice.  Searching for the perfect pair of earings or that purse your sister is dying to have.  Finding the slippers that Grandpa always many pairs does he have now?  Searching and searching for a gift that will express how amazing you think your Mom, who has everything and asks for nothing, is and how much you love her.  Putting meticulous thought and care into the purchase of each gift.  Wrapping the presents and putting Sant's name on it in anticipation of the happiness that gift will bring.

Anxiously awaiting Christmas morning when you can be with all your family, from near and far, and watch as the mound of paper grows and then presents pile up.  Then comes the feast fit for a King and the football and napping and all that is left.  The thank you's and happiness and laughter and joy of the purest kind.  It's Christmas and it is the most wonderful time of the year.

Of course I will plug some amazing gifts that you can find at Open House this year....the stockings and ornaments, the jewelry and purses, the china and crystal and much, much more.  But I want to also remind us all to be thankful for the greatest Christmas gift we ever received was from up above and gives us all the reasons for joy that we need.  It is important not to get lost in the glitter and lights and forget that without Christ there would be no Christmas!

These gifts are sure to please anyone on your list....

Awesome Christmas Cards...all special orders 20% off!

 Luggage from bellemonde....perfect for anyone!  It is awesome!

 Personalized Stationery from $99.00 for 50!

 Bla Bla dolls are sure to put a smile on any child's face...many styles and animals!

Tyler Candles...the more you buy the more you save!  Holiday scents available!

 Shelley Kyle fragrance and bath sets great gifts for moms, sisters, girlfriends and wives!

This is one of the softest blankets and it says "Wrap Me Around You"...perfect gift!

Hot Rocks Earrings, necklaces and bracelets....Hot from NYC and seen on Real Housewives of Beverley Hills!
Something for everyone....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Latest Obsession...

Many of you may know this but I have the type of personality that needs constant attention...I need things to obsess about to keep my mind busy.  I have recently, thanks to my good friend Becca Jones ( you can check out her blog at ), become obsessed with Pintrest.  If you do not know this site you MUST become obsessed with it.  You will be shocked and awed at the amount of time you can while away pinning your loves!

There are so many facets to this site that you will look and realize you have been pinning for hours.  I think I may have actually gotten "pinners" elbow.  Truly it is a wonderful place.  There is so much creativity to discover.  People have wonderful taste that span the gamut of style and design.  You will discover things that you can't believe you never thought of.  It will inspire you to take a trip to your local craft store when you have never been the "crafty" type.  I can't wait each to discover something new and fabulous that wasn't there yesterday.

I will share a few of my recent finds with you, but you simply must discover and explore the Pintrest world to truly understand its draw and charm.  It is perfect for all types.  If you are getting married, having a baby, going out on the town, looking for inspiration for your home or simply bored and need to feel excited Pintrest is the place to go.  Check it out....

                                                This would be beautiful wedding tent lighting!

                                               A perfect, and easy, wreath for the Holidays!

                                               This is the simplest and most fantastic hairstyle!                          

What a great idea for your wedding shoes!

These are just a few of the favorite things I have found.  Please keep looking and join and spread the love of Pintrest!! 

Happy Pinning!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'Tis the Season

According to a study in 2009 75% of homes sent out Christmas Cards...75% is still a large number!  Christmas is the season for thoughtfulness and kindness and generosity of spirit.  It's the time of year to be mindful of the needs and feelings others.  A simple text message or Christmas e-mail greeting is a cold piece of communication.

Think about the new ideas of personalized Christmas cards...this is for many the time of year to update family and friends on the latest and greatest with your family.  Incorporate your favorite snapshot of 2011 or send a picture of your fabulous summer vacation to remind of warmer days...anything that shows you took the time to think about your friends and family and do something special for them.

With the financial situation we are in it is far less necessary to give fancy gifts...why not invest in a wonderful Holiday or New Year card to signify the importance of the people close to you.  Go the extra something fabulous and festive that is as unique as you and your friendship are.

We know that it is only October and feels a lot less like Christmas, or even fall for that matter, outside but its all in the details.  Maybe designing your very own and fancy Holiday card will put you in the spirit to start Christmas shopping early or plan a weekend getaway to see some snow or changing leaves.  Families get spread out and life gets hectic...this should be the time of year that we remind those near and far how dear they are to and all!

Here is some of our Holiday inspirations....

20% off all Crane & Company and 20% off all William Arthur special orders through November 3rd.

Also, don't forget our Annual Holiday Party and Sale on November 3rd!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Fall" in Love

   Fall is a wonderful time of the year to get married!  The summer heat has passed, a fresh season with new smells and colors is emerging with new fall trends.  Every year this season brings the beautiful colors nature provides as inspiration for your dream wedding – the trees, weather, and emotions of thankfulness combine together to create a spectacular backdrop for a gorgeous autumn wedding.

   Fall offers such a wonderful color palette so utilize the colors of the season to inspire and infuse your wedding with the wonderment of this glorious changing season.  This is the season that mother nature gives us a wonderful abundance of rich tones.  Consider reds, oranges, browns, rusts, and yellows in planning for your fall wedding.  Jewel tones also make a rich, interesting twist to the traditional autumn color scheme.  Take any of these colors and mix gold, copper or bronze to make your fall wedding really shine.

   Take advantage of what flowers are in season, it might also save you a few dollars using seasonal flowers.  Here’s a list of flowers available in the fall: Asters, Chrysanthemums, Zinnias, Gerber daisies, Marigolds, Roses, Sunflowers, add a few leafs and branches to give your floral pieces an autumnal look.  You might even want to consider incorporating pumpkins, cinnamon, berries, and other autumnal gourds into your wedding decor to strike the mood of your guests.  These are easy centerpieces, place card holders or maybe a table number much potential!

    Instead of a massive wedding cake take into consideration a dessert bar full of mini pies offering an assortment of apple pies, pecan pies, pumpkin pies, cherry pies or even a southern cobbler.  You can also have caramel apples, and autumnal shaped cookies for your guests to enjoy. All of the tastes reminiscent of the season....the trend of a variety of wedding dessert ideas is endless and it will leave your guests with a lasting taste & memory of your unique wedding.

    When planning a fall wedding just keep in mind all the unique things this season has to offer. Autumn provides you with beautiful & unique color palette, unique decor elements, dessert ideas, and the wonderful feeling you associate with the beautiful season of Autumn.  Fall in love with the wedding of your dreams....

Share some of your fall wedding inspirations with us.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To have and to cherish....

To a Bride and a Groom their wedding day is a blur of activity mixed in  with some memorable moments.  Choosing the right photographer is by far the most crucial component of your wedding day details because many of those memorable details are lost in the flurry of activities the wedding party must attend to.  If the right photographer is chosen you can relive the memories and joys from the day forever.

There are so many things to consider when making this decision....portfolio, personality, professionalism and of course price.  Each of these is a key component to the relationship you want and deserve to have with your photographer.  So try to be patient throughout the selection process and I suggest meeting with at least three photographers before choosing.  Every photographer is different and has their own personal style and it is very important that your ideas and his or her style match up.....after all ladies we know once you have a vision in your head it is hard to change it.  So recall how long it took you to choose the perfect shoes and multiply it by 10....

When looking at a photographers portfolio it is important to keep in mind that like anyone they showcase their best works first.  I suggest that you look at a wedding from start to finish....edits and reedits.  This will give you a better idea of the photographer's style.  The other thing I would look at is the candid shots the he or she takes.  You will be very caught up in the commotion surrounding your big day and you will love seeing how much fun your guests were having throughout your celebration.

Secondly, in my opinion is the personality of your photographer.  It is so important that the personality of the bride and groom mesh well with that of the photographer.  Many, many times things do go wrong at weddings.  It is imperative that you are confident that under that kind of pressure your photographer will be able to remain calm and focused because this will help you stay this way too!  Also, if your photographer is personable and outgoing it will put the wedding party, guests and most importantly YOU at ease and this makes for much better pictures.

Sometimes photographers with less experience seem so talented and you can get them for such a bargain, but the presence of credentials, references and a solid reputation cannot be disqualified.  You know the saying, "You get what you pay for" it certainly applies here.  I would absolutely pay for the experience when choosing your photographer and skimp on say the less experienced florist or cake maker!  Check references for the photographers you interview, get feedback from other brides, look for comments on their websites or blogs....and refer back to the honesty of their personality this will show integrity of their work.  Remember, passion for your job will get you the best results!!!

Many people are on tight budgets when planning the wedding of their dreams.  Photographers are sometimes seen as a luxurious expense, but their is no substitution for great pictures of this once in a lifetime day.  These photos will become one of your most precious possessions after this day is over...this is not a place to skimp or cut corners.  Talk to your photographer about spreading out the payments or negotiating...most are willing to try and work with you to accommodate budget needs.

PS....My favorite newest in wedding photos is the Photo Booth...this gives great candid shots of your guests and some very fun pictures for you to laugh at later.  Also, allows your photographer to focus his attentions on who else but YOU!!!!

I hope that this will help a little in the process...which I know can seem daunting and overwhelming.  Remember we at Open House have years of knowledge and expertise from photographers to cakes to flower, fonts and dresses!  Let us help make your day the BEST it can BE!!!