Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To have and to cherish....

To a Bride and a Groom their wedding day is a blur of activity mixed in  with some memorable moments.  Choosing the right photographer is by far the most crucial component of your wedding day details because many of those memorable details are lost in the flurry of activities the wedding party must attend to.  If the right photographer is chosen you can relive the memories and joys from the day forever.

There are so many things to consider when making this decision....portfolio, personality, professionalism and of course price.  Each of these is a key component to the relationship you want and deserve to have with your photographer.  So try to be patient throughout the selection process and I suggest meeting with at least three photographers before choosing.  Every photographer is different and has their own personal style and it is very important that your ideas and his or her style match up.....after all ladies we know once you have a vision in your head it is hard to change it.  So recall how long it took you to choose the perfect shoes and multiply it by 10....

When looking at a photographers portfolio it is important to keep in mind that like anyone they showcase their best works first.  I suggest that you look at a wedding from start to finish....edits and reedits.  This will give you a better idea of the photographer's style.  The other thing I would look at is the candid shots the he or she takes.  You will be very caught up in the commotion surrounding your big day and you will love seeing how much fun your guests were having throughout your celebration.

Secondly, in my opinion is the personality of your photographer.  It is so important that the personality of the bride and groom mesh well with that of the photographer.  Many, many times things do go wrong at weddings.  It is imperative that you are confident that under that kind of pressure your photographer will be able to remain calm and focused because this will help you stay this way too!  Also, if your photographer is personable and outgoing it will put the wedding party, guests and most importantly YOU at ease and this makes for much better pictures.

Sometimes photographers with less experience seem so talented and you can get them for such a bargain, but the presence of credentials, references and a solid reputation cannot be disqualified.  You know the saying, "You get what you pay for" it certainly applies here.  I would absolutely pay for the experience when choosing your photographer and skimp on say the less experienced florist or cake maker!  Check references for the photographers you interview, get feedback from other brides, look for comments on their websites or blogs....and refer back to the honesty of their personality this will show integrity of their work.  Remember, passion for your job will get you the best results!!!

Many people are on tight budgets when planning the wedding of their dreams.  Photographers are sometimes seen as a luxurious expense, but their is no substitution for great pictures of this once in a lifetime day.  These photos will become one of your most precious possessions after this day is over...this is not a place to skimp or cut corners.  Talk to your photographer about spreading out the payments or negotiating...most are willing to try and work with you to accommodate budget needs.

PS....My favorite newest in wedding photos is the Photo Booth...this gives great candid shots of your guests and some very fun pictures for you to laugh at later.  Also, allows your photographer to focus his attentions on who else but YOU!!!!

I hope that this will help a little in the process...which I know can seem daunting and overwhelming.  Remember we at Open House have years of knowledge and expertise from photographers to cakes to flower, fonts and dresses!  Let us help make your day the BEST it can BE!!!

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