Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'Tis the Season

According to a study in 2009 75% of homes sent out Christmas Cards...75% is still a large number!  Christmas is the season for thoughtfulness and kindness and generosity of spirit.  It's the time of year to be mindful of the needs and feelings others.  A simple text message or Christmas e-mail greeting is a cold piece of communication.

Think about the new ideas of personalized Christmas cards...this is for many the time of year to update family and friends on the latest and greatest with your family.  Incorporate your favorite snapshot of 2011 or send a picture of your fabulous summer vacation to remind of warmer days...anything that shows you took the time to think about your friends and family and do something special for them.

With the financial situation we are in it is far less necessary to give fancy gifts...why not invest in a wonderful Holiday or New Year card to signify the importance of the people close to you.  Go the extra mile...be creative...design something fabulous and festive that is as unique as you and your friendship are.

We know that it is only October and feels a lot less like Christmas, or even fall for that matter, outside but its all in the details.  Maybe designing your very own and fancy Holiday card will put you in the spirit to start Christmas shopping early or plan a weekend getaway to see some snow or changing leaves.  Families get spread out and life gets hectic...this should be the time of year that we remind those near and far how dear they are to us...one and all!

Here is some of our Holiday inspirations....

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