Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Decking the Halls....

'Tis the Season to be JOLLY!!!  There is a spirit in the air that surrounds everyone and everything this time of year.  You hear carols and bells everywhere you go.  Children seem to be especially well behaved in hopes that an elf,or Santa himself will catch a glimpse of this extraordinary behavior and perhaps move them to the nice list.  People are buzzing and happy and generally in a "jolly" good mood.  It is the time of year to send cards and throw parties and visit with friends and family you don't see that often.  It is the time of year that you celebrate family traditions that have been around before even you were!  It is a wonderful time of year...

There are many ways of marking the start of YOUR Holidays In my family we kick start the Season with the Annual Holiday Parade and Party. It is particularly a favorite of mine.  It puts right in the spirit of the Season with the bands and the singing and the merriment all around.  Kids of all ages celebrating the joy of Christmas.

Putting up the tree and hanging the wreath...pulling out the ornaments that little Joseph made when he was 10 and finding the perfect branch to display this masterpiece.  Drinking hot chocolate and telling stories...getting frustrated when the lights don't work after ten bulbs have been replaced and eventually heading out in search of one more strand of white bulbs to make it perfect.  Standing back in awe and wonder at the beauty of YOUR tree and all the love that went into it this year.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Making your list and checking it twice.  Searching for the perfect pair of earings or that purse your sister is dying to have.  Finding the slippers that Grandpa always gets...how many pairs does he have now?  Searching and searching for a gift that will express how amazing you think your Mom, who has everything and asks for nothing, is and how much you love her.  Putting meticulous thought and care into the purchase of each gift.  Wrapping the presents and putting Sant's name on it in anticipation of the happiness that gift will bring.

Anxiously awaiting Christmas morning when you can be with all your family, from near and far, and watch as the mound of paper grows and then presents pile up.  Then comes the feast fit for a King and the football and napping and all that is left.  The thank you's and happiness and laughter and joy of the purest kind.  It's Christmas and it is the most wonderful time of the year.

Of course I will plug some amazing gifts that you can find at Open House this year....the stockings and ornaments, the jewelry and purses, the china and crystal and much, much more.  But I want to also remind us all to be thankful for the greatest Christmas gift we ever received was from up above and gives us all the reasons for joy that we need.  It is important not to get lost in the glitter and lights and forget that without Christ there would be no Christmas!

These gifts are sure to please anyone on your list....

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