Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BRIDES Magazine breaks into wedding invitations....

Founded in 1934, BRIDES magazine is the world's first ever magazine devoted to the wedding industry.  In the past 77 years it has remained the most popular in it's category and the first place that a newly engaged bride-to-be will turn.  So this year it was HUGE when they announced their partnership with Checkerboard, an invitation powerhouse, to nationally distribute an invitation line. 

With the expertise that both of these companies bring to the table it was bound to be a hit!  It is a line that speaks specifically to a bride in her own language, or better the language she has been accustomed to from reading the magazine cover to cover.  The album presents invitations in a way that allows a bride to chose a suite that reflects not only her vision; but also her venue, flowers, cake and dress to create her dream event.  The line is completely customizable with some of the most unique fonts and liner choices I have seen in 5 years.  The prices range from $2.39 to $around $6.00 each for 100 and this is very competitive in the industry. 

The inspiration from the Bridal experts at BRIDES and the customer service and commitment to excellence at Checkerboard I can't wait to utilize the creativity behind this line.  If you are a bride in the fall of 2011 or the upcoming year please come in and check out this stunning addition to our invitation lines.  I can't wait for you to see it....

Here a few of my favorites!

Working on next weeks blog....what's your go to wedding gift!  The most unique post will win a $25 gift certificate to Open House.


  1. My "go to wedding/bridal shower gift" is a breakfast in bed basket... It usually includes a mixing bowl, a spatula, a box of some nice pancake mix and syrup, and a nightie for the bride to wear when she takes her hubby breakfast. ;)

  2. I am loving the engraved platters with your wedding invitation, font and all! It is my favorite gift I received, everyone who sees it loves it, and now I get to send them to Open House to get it done! Love it!

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